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Posted on April 9, 2016


ken and Jael in TobagoKensambury.com began in 2014 as a place for Ken Sambury to document how he connects people through various projects. At that time Ken hosted 6 parties a year and the primary purpose of his camera equipment was documenting his own events. After being approached initially by Heineken and then Candy Coated Events in December 2014, Ken began to shoot videos of events that he did not personally plan. In 2015, Ken took a break from his rigorous event planning schedule to rebrand his event business and pursue a Masters Degree in Business Development and Innovation. This has allowed Ken to quietly develop a portfolio of captivating event and party visuals throughout 2015. Expanding on this in the 2016 Carnival season Ken built a team and together this team had the privilege of working with Bliss Carnival and House of Bacchanal, NOVA the Ultimate One, Sekon Sta, Heineken, Ceasars Army and other major brands. (too many to list here)

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Ken uses his extensive knowledge of event planning, public relations and cinematography to provide a unique perspective inside events. The major difference between telling the story of an event or party and everything else is that, unlike a film or advertisement where there is a set chronological order and fixed plan – no planning will prepare one for the many things happening within a party. The putting together of all these random clips of individuals having a good time is more artistic than linear. It is all about the vibes.

In December 2016 kensambury.com shed its production company description and evolved into a visual marketing agency which provides a comprehensive service. This upgrade is a direct response to the changing digital landscape, where ‘video’ now exists in many formats – such as in ‘snap’ stories and in 360 degrees. Our focus is now on the growth and business development of our clients through the use of visuals – pictures and video – on various mediums. In the 2017 Carnival period kensambury.com has enjoyed working with many clients such as Candy Coated Events, Kairi People, White Oak, House of Bacchanal & Winah Boy Entertainment in Bliss Carnival, Nuphoric, Sekon Sta, Preedy, Salty and many others. In 2017 kensambury.com will be traveling to Jamaica, Barbados and several other countries with a specific goal to use high quality visuals to build the brand of Carnival and selected events in the Carnival season. 

Kensambury.com is the only company that bridges the gap between photo and video production and strategic public relations seamlessly with a specific focus on business development within the carnival complex. 

With ambitious goals of growing the Carnival industry through the exponential growth of its clients, kensambury.com is destined to play a crucial role in the development of our economy. <read more here> 

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  • Terri
    March 24, 2017 (11:26 am)

    Good day,
    I am a huge fan of your work and would like to meet with you to discuss possible partnerships.
    My name is Terri and I work in marketing, can you please contact me at your earliest convenience.
    Thanking you in advance.

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