Zèle Down the Islands

Posted on October 16, 2016

Saturday Evening.

Another weekend which means more parties. This particular Saturday I planned to accompany my friend and personal DJ, DJ Cha Cha to his Down the Island gig. This time, it was an event hosted by a few old school friends, Nariba and Amanda. I’d never been to one of their events, so I was eager to attend and see what it was about.

Nariba was adamant that Cha Cha and I get to the cruise on time and when we arrived I understood why. There was already a group of people cuing to get on board and ready to wine down low. I saw a few friends and I felt like the event was a nice mix of old and new faces, youthful and mature people. I enjoyed being served by the on board bartender who whipped up some fresh Danzka Vodka cocktails.


In this cruise you couldn’t miss Zèle’s branding. Their cocktails all had special names which somehow matched their taste. (Yes I tried all) I didn’t get a chance to TEEF WINE properly, and for me that is a good enough excuse to be at the next Zèle event.


I see great things in the future of for Zèle and I am happy to do my part to help this brand grow. Kensambury.com provided, what in our opinion, is a ‘priceless’ service of preserving the vibe of the cruise forever within a 60 second package. Feel the vibe for yourself:

I caught up with Nariba one week after her cruise and she shared some of the background information on her brand and cruise.

Zèle in the long term

For Nariba, her vision is for her brand to continue to execute quality events for patrons in T&T and provide and alternative party experience for locals visiting other Carnivals in the Caribbean.

She explained that Zèle was founded on her passion for planning events and Carnival and one day hopes to produce several events for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival.

What makes Zèle different

Zèle is inclusive. Actually her exact words were “I always laugh when I say this, but the zèle family doesn’t discriminate or operate as a clique… we are not one of those exclusive committees” Hopefully Nariba will let me join at some point since she is including everybody! Nariba explained, “We simply wanna do is wine in somebody’s fete, and better yet when it’s one of our one parties.”

The most noteworthy thing about Zèle DDI

The young lady who personally thanked her after the cruise. According to Nariba, it was this patrons first boat ride experience and she was grateful the Zèle made it amazing!

Well, once Nariba calls us back, we’d be there for #ZeleCarnivalCooler to wine to the ground with everyone else!

To Carnival 2017 and Beyond.

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