Vibes with DKrewe

Posted on February 1, 2014

The development of Sekon Sta’s Bag of Vibes Video into a two day shoot was hardly planned.

What do I do with all these resources and how do I blend them to produce something worth while?
We had several angles of the amazing ZUMBA ladies and Terrin Calendar (JAIGA) from our first day of shooting. But blending this without a script or plan was sorta nightmarish.

It just happened. Impromptu director of photography Ryan Figuera added an additional dynamic that gave us a ‘multi dimensional’ product within our 4 hour shoot. Special thanks to DKrewe Mas Camp for the use of their space.

Regardless of the complications we pulled it off. Or did we? You tell me when the video drops.
One thing is for sure tho, NOTHING CAN STOP THE PUMP!

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