My 63 Unforgettable Moments of 2013

Posted on January 1, 2014

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Everyone asks me, so Ken what are you doing with your life? OR Ken where do you work? OR Ken what was your degree in?  I usually stutter and give whichever answer comes to my head since explaining myself is a lot harder than it seems. As such, I decided to compile this story for everyone.


Welcome to my life


When I Saw the Sunrise.

ken year in review-24

And I saw Chanice before the Sunsetken year in review-2

And then I Saw the Sunset and felt like I could conquer the city
ken year in review-1

That was until I Saw the Sunset over the City ken year in review-12

 But just when I thought i’ve seen it all, came a German Trini with his boxers outside

ken year in review-3

Even more shocking was that moment when I realised I recruited Damion into slavery packaging Jouvert packages

And everyone was into Trinidad James

Everyone except Stefan tho. He was busy parting the Red Sea.
ken year in review-8

And Ricardo. He was engaging in a rare Tobagonian mating call
ken year in review-7

And don’t you dare laugh. That shit works!

I remember, that Moment when the world put men on the moon but I was content putting Granny on FaceTime
grandma on FaceTime-65
grandma on FaceTime-64

These Selfies
ken year in review-29


And then I found out what happens when you don’t smile for the photo
ken year in review-64

And I found out that Superman lived in Trinidad and he played Jouvert in my band
ken year in review-9

Of course I thought I was superman until I had to prop my hand on the wall to handle this flex!
ken year in review-5

And then I noticed that girl to the right was pointing at me with her “oh i’m cooler than you, i’m pretty sure you wanna come up here and lime with us” face
ken year in review-11

But it didn’t matter because I danced with this girl earlier in the day
ken year in review-10

And the next day I realised my co-worker designer programmer was addicted to ketchup. No seriously. addicted to ketchup.
ken year in review-13

But I had bigger issues like trying to decide what this smile meant
ken year in review-16

Or why this girl from my thesis class  never told me that she was the HULK 🙁
ken year in review-28

Nevertheless I’m grateful for that moment alone on a boat somewhere far away
ken year in review-41

Ironically however my most memorable moments are much closer to home
ken year in review-38

Every moment Jack Warner said something
ken year in review-34

Or Every Moment she danced
ken year in review-36

And every moment Stefan tried what she did

ken year in review-35

It was worth it tho. All I ever wanted was to have that GATSBY moment and it ended up like this:
ken year in review-39

And like this

And like all of these moments:

Not Another EEEmpire Beach Lime – Summer Makana 13′ AfterMovie from Triple E Fam on Vimeo.

That moment when I haven’t shaved but I don’t need to because I’m posing with Aquilah Bachan
ken year in review-50

That moment when I gave her the ring
ken year in review-48

And you realise that I am actually Batman and not superman
ken year in review-49

And that moment when I’m caught on camera while trying to catch someone with my camera
ken year in review-6

Especially when we realised: “Although that is where we started; we ain’t at the bottom anymore.”
And a photo is taken to commemorate this.
ken year in review-4

Well two photos
ken year in review-51

Every moment of Carl Spencer Beat boxing at my Bday Dinner

Every moment of when she sang to me!

But honestly nothing prepared me to choose what size bowl of soup I wanted
ken year in review-40 dot

And this moment when someone with a big heart gave me a small cake that i’d never forget
ken year in review-46

On the topic of food, lets just throw in doubles ken year in review-42

And pies from the pie lady on Trag road
ken year in review-27

Those helped me through when I was interning on  the radio
ken year in review-26

But I particularly loved this moment when this guy held up this flag in support of country
ken year in review-14

And this moment when I learn the most important lessons of life while waiting on my pie by the pie lady
ken year in review-23

All the quotes in the world can’t motivate me like this sign tho.
ken year in review-43

This moment when this girl twerked everything her mother gave her because it “was not a picture”

Every moment of Dwayne on my couch
ken year in review-65
ken year in review-64
ken year in review-66

Every moment I got a chance to relax
ken year in review-64

Every Single Night at the Club
ken year in review-64-2

ken year in review-65

And the moments when I sang “I don’t know what i’d do with out y’all”
ken year in review-32

Oh and when this girl put Lincoln in a rocking chair
ken year in review lincoln in chair-67

ken year in review lincoln in chair-66

ken year in review lincoln in chair-68

ken year in review lincoln in chair-69

And this moment when I had a party on this beach
ken year in review beach party-64

ken year in review beach party-65

That moment when all we felt her holding back the tears

And that moment when Aidonia said EEEmpire

That moment I knew I was destined for greatness
ken year in review-31

But I could never be as great as this girl’s walk
ken year in review-15

But then I realised that none of us could be as great as all of us
ken year in review-47

That moment when I realised my friend was Ravi B all this time
ken year in review-22

That moment when this girl is like
“So you mean to tell me… your brethren is Ravi B?”
ken year in review-20

And that moment when I realised that i’ve now got a whole other year for more moments like this.

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