My First Cricket Viewing Experience

Posted on September 17, 2015

So. I’d like to go on record for being one of the people to point out that TriniPosse. Is. Everything.

That said, let me get to explaining. So I’ve been to many many parties – well obviously, I host parties as part of my day to day living. The blending of the party atmosphere that permeates every aspect of our Trini culture and the exciting game of T20 cricket is the recipe for a once in a lifetime experience.

With t20 cricket as with most other sports, you simply cannot predict the results. So with a bit of liqueur imagine sitting next to strangers of different age groups and ethnicities but feel the sorrow and joys of each wicket taken and each boundary hit.


An overhead shot of the Queens Park Oval

I attended four games and each game I was not sure if Trinidad’s Red Steel was going to win. For each game, there were a few nail biting moments. In the game against the Jamaican Tallawahs it felt more like moments of despair and anguish as opposed to nervousness. In the face of this, the Bravo boys and the Red Steel team were able to almost magically pull through every time.

People of all ages!

People of all ages!

I remember those moments in the Final when the game was more or less wrapped up and every six or four hit was a huge celebration. I remember holding my camera with my left hand and hugging some guy I had just met with my left hand and chanting ‘Red Steel’ hoping for another six. I remember the dancers moving to the rhythms of every soca song that mentioned the word ‘Trinidad’.
IMG_9639 (2)

Next time look for me with my entire team! Such an experience must be shared.

Teddy & I with the lovely Eldorado Ladies who kept our company as we captured the moments!

Teddy & I with the lovely Eldorado Ladies who kept our company as we captured the moments!

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