Trinidad is Ready For Gold

Posted on June 26, 2016

For this year’s Olympics, as a country, we’re making history.

So when we found out that our good friend Sekon Sta is one of the cultural partners of the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) in the countdown to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, of course, we felt proud. That pride turned into privilege when our team was asked to create the music video for his track “My World”.  

The man himself told us about how much it meant for him to be a part of the Olympic campaign and journey to Rio.

“It really means a lot for me. To know that my talent is being tied to promoting my country and helping to push these athletes forward…to know that my music is a soundtrack for that is an amazing feeling.”

With that said, we knew that we had to ensure the video truly encapsulated, from a Trini perspective, our Olympic athletes’ journey to the Games.

Nesta and Ken on Roof DSC05859

Battling the weather and chasing the sunrise Ken and Sekon Sta somehow pulled off their HYATT rooftop scenes. NB. They overslept three times trying to catch the sunrise.

Karissa Narine in a boat DSC05965

This is Karissa holding on for her life. This photo hardly conveys the way the boat tossed us and our equipment around. At one point all our bodies and bags were soaked. Thankfully the bags were closed and the equipment was saved.

One of the interesting things is that with any video, you face limitations. One of our main challenges was we didn’t have a budget to shoot in any one venue and we were shooting in the middle of the rainy season. For example, the team had to battle against the bad weather while shooting scenes for Andrew Lewis while he was on the water, coupled with the fact that we had limited time to shoot his scenes as he had to fly out the very next day.


In spite of these challenges, we were able to capture everything we needed to and the final product is something that the team and I were all very pleased with. For us, it wasn’t just shooting a music video, but being a part of a great moment in our sporting history. For our girl, Karissa, the day of the video premiere was an exciting one.

“I was so excited; it was something I hadn’t felt in a long time. My heart was racing and I couldn’t wait to see how people would receive the video. I’m so very satisfied with the outcome and reception.”

Now, working with friends can be fun and tough at the same time but I think that, given the seven years of friendship with Sekon, we were able to play off of each other’s professional strengths, so as a team it allowed us to do a lot more and produce something that we could both be proud of.

Sekon Sta’s management team shared in on that pride. Shane, one-half of Focus Management, said, “I personally felt a deep sense of satisfaction when the video premiered. A lot work went into making the video in such a short space of time and a small budget. The fact that the athletes love the video as much as we do is amazing. Nigel Paul, for one, was very impressed.” (see video below)

We can only imagine all the hard work that every one of our athletes has put in to put them on to their paths to the Olympics. Our “My World” journey, like our athletes, was challenging, but rewarding and we’re all elated to be a part of their journey for gold.

Trinidad and Tobago is ready.


Nesta talks to Ken in Tacarigua Indoor Complex DSC05263 copy

Ken n Nesta in indoor facility

Karissa Narine and the Parrot DSC05879

Karissa Narine playing with a parrot. According to Karissa – she is a country girl at heart. Karissa’s appreciation for the details on Charlotte Street contributed to a unique perspective East Port Of Spain.

Nesta Boxill Kristoff Alexander and Alliyah Sekon Sta

This project would have been impossible without supporting characters – Kristoff Alexander and Aliyah Clarke

Karissa Narine talking to Judo Olympic Athlete DSC05921

Karissa Narine chats with Christopher George during a training session at the Queen’s Park Judo Club.

Raddison DSC05983

The sun peeking behind Radisson Hotel

Ken Sambury is Focused DSC05985

Razor Sharp Focus. There is only going to be one sunrise. And tomorrow is the press conference. It is now – or never.

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