The Weekend Before Carnival

Posted on February 10, 2015

It is Carnival season again!

It is 2015 and as a fan of culture I’ve decided to take my camera along with me to one or two fetes. Thanks to Heineken, here are the results of my traversing the fete landscape with my DSLR.

Solis Ortum

Dubbed meet me in the morning by UWI Guild & LXG, Solis Ortum was the penultimate Carnival event hosted by the Guild of Students to fill the appetites of UWI students for something Carnival oriented on Campus. As a past patron of Solid Gold and a Band Leader back in the golden days of Campus Carnival nothing in UWI Carnival wise would ever seem good enough. (relive Campus Carnival 2011) Looking past my personal grievances I did think some individuals in the Guild were particularly hard working and dedicated to produce this event after their last fete was abruptly cancelled. Special thanks to Gabrielle for getting me inside btw. The fete was one of those things i’d have gladly attended and waved in my lil corner with my group of friends n then returned to my day to day life of responsibility.

Mai Tai

I’ve always admired Mai Tai the Hawaiian Party held by Ceasar’s Army. I think I attended once before at O2 Park and it felt like me attending a Tropical LUAU without having to worry about everything. That is all I really want half of the time. I really appreciated the details, the color changing cups, the choice of a far away but culturally significant venue and the ‘light up’ leis. Naturally I kept doing the math in my head “ok venue cost”, “ok food, plus like $15 per cup n $5 to print it” to ascertain if I should raise my own ticket prices. A quick conversation with Loop videographer and friend Peter Thompson about camera settings was enough to get me into Cinematographer mode. I’ve made it through my first event with the Romans with my camera. Ken with camera is simply a different person from the Ken you know. See for yourself below:

At both fetes someone told me the fire officers present said that I or anyone should not fly their drone (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). In Mai Tai, a security officer told me that fire officers said that the flight of these is illegal since there is not any insurance in place for it. So I wonder which law I break if I were to hook my iPhone up to a toy helicopter and fly it over my Friday night lime at my home. I do get that some idiots have crashed their drones in fetes and hurt people. Maybe some regulations or communication instead of lazily and cowardly attempting to ground every drone at every fete? Regardless, i’d simply avoid flying over people as I am able to get my shots without hovering ominously overhead at a party. See yall this weekend!

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