Team Natural

Posted on January 28, 2014

There was this girl. I really really liked her. We just hit it off. She was brown skinned, smart and good looking with an eyebrow piercing for extra spice.

We lost contact for a while and the next time I saw her, her beautiful dougla short hair was extended. She was weaved up. It was un-be-weave-able.

apphia-2Yes I know Beyonce wears weave sometimes. And since B is the queen, you think you can do it too. Well last night Beyonce performed quite scantily clad in slightly more than a thong and bra. Don’t you think you should do that too?

Today I immersed my hands into some well taken care of natural hair. Damn it felt good. It felt like a direct connection with the motherland. It felt like she was real and not a barbie doll from TV. In reality, we all want to watch the strippers and bad bitches but we probably don’t wanna touch their hair. Actually they don’t want you touching their hair either.

Based on my recent exposure to that natural african goodness, I feel obligated to join #TeamNatural.

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