Fatima’s You are a Star

Posted on March 13, 2018

Assignment "Develop a story surrounding our fete and how it benefits the school" Campaign Tell the story of the Fete and how it inspires the youth of Fatima. Client Fatima Old Boys Association  Design Interview key members of the Fatima community including the principal, teachers and students. Blend these interviews with clips from Fatima  Capture iconic scenes of Fatima's architecture and innovative classrooms ...

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Growing Breakfast Is

Posted on March 10, 2018

Assignment "Let us make breakfast is a sold out event by Feb 2018." Campaign Capture the essence of the Kairi People brand and bring their large audience to their social media pages.  Client Kairi People Design Creating the Kairi People Instagram and Facebook presence.  Telling the Story of Breakfast is... using the directors of Kairi People to explain what Breakfast Is means. Developing Kairi People into a ...

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Inside the Festival

Posted on March 9, 2018

For me, this Carnival Season was probably the most special Carnival ever. In 2017, I restarted my event company eeempire.com and hosted my first ever Carnival Fete this season. In addition to my own personal ventures, two of my clients, Candy Coated Events and Kairi People added new events to their Carnival roster. This was compounded by this being the shortest season in a few years. Nevertheless, I survived - but barely. ...

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Carnival is Here

Posted on February 17, 2016

This year I was much more an observer than a participant. My Jouvert band is parked up as I'm working on something else I had the opportunity to take it all in. I'd talk more about the entire Carnival season in another blog post. For now, lets talk about Carnival Monday and Tuesday. Monday afternoon I hit the streets, significantly more organised than previous years. Rolling with Monique and Tenja, who kept my equipment safe and ensured ...

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Carnival with Ken

Posted on March 10, 2014

This Carnival Tuesday I decided to take my camera and my girlfriend to Port Of Spain. While there for about eight hours, I captured everything I saw and compiled this video. The title of the video is an adaptation from the popular Kerwin and MX Prime song. I in no way believe the contents of this video represent the entirety of Trinidad Carnival. This is just what I observed while on the road Carnival Tuesday. Soundtrack: Welcome to ...

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