House of Bacchanal at CPL t20

Posted on September 22, 2015

Khalil "Blues" Mohammed messaged on the day of the cricket finals: "Hey Ken , blues here from house of bacchanal . You coming to the stand today ?" I was already packing and preparing for my final of four days of shooting the vibes at TriniPosse. All of that didn't matter, I call the best shooter I knew, Captain Plex and briefed him on the task at hand. That day I had a killer support team. Helping me shoot video was the troublesome but ...

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My First Cricket Viewing Experience

Posted on September 17, 2015

So. I'd like to go on record for being one of the people to point out that TriniPosse. Is. Everything. That said, let me get to explaining. So I've been to many many parties - well obviously, I host parties as part of my day to day living. The blending of the party atmosphere that permeates every aspect of our Trini culture and the exciting game of T20 cricket is the recipe for a once in a lifetime experience. With t20 cricket as with ...

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