A Visit to Brasso Seco

Posted on March 2, 2015

Inspired by a conversation with an international photographer, I decided to search for some attractions native to Trinidad and Tobago and document my journey to discovery. The hike was guided by fitness instructors from R4 Fitness who started with a prayer and an overview of all the things a novice hiker, like myself, needed to know. "Put your phone in a plastic bag" "Spray on Repellent" "Walk with water and a change of clothes" "Do not lag ...

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Team Natural

Posted on January 28, 2014

There was this girl. I really really liked her. We just hit it off. She was brown skinned, smart and good looking with an eyebrow piercing for extra spice. We lost contact for a while and the next time I saw her, her beautiful dougla short hair was extended. She was weaved up. It was un-be-weave-able. Yes I know Beyonce wears weave sometimes. And since B is the queen, you think you can do it too. Well last night Beyonce performed quite ...

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