Saturday Supper in Tobago

Posted on January 13, 2015

There is something surreal and calming about Tobago. Add in a few good friends and some Tobago food cooked by a real Tobagonian, Damion Gordon the result would not be limited to a full stomach but include the sights and sounds of a beautiful Caribbean Island. Saturday's Supper in Tobago from Ken Sambury on Vimeo. Introducing Moments in Guerilla Filmmaking You may see us travelling with our suitcase looking bags, hustling through the ...

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Modern Marketing for the Modern Market

Posted on April 10, 2014

Many months ago my acquaintance approached me with this business plan to open a shop that sells frozen fish somewhere in Arima. At the time it was difficult to understand how feasible this proposition was, and furthermore it was even more difficult to see how I could have contributed to this undertaking. This month however we are finally gearing up for an opening that promises to be a quantum leap for Arimians and everyone by extension on ...

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Posted on December 25, 2013

I don't believe in Santa Clause.   I don't exactly celebrate Christmas, but I tell everyone complements of the season. My religion is Trinidadian and all I want is food for Christmas. Somehow the experience of dropping into friends' houses and asking for food, while smiling at their parents, aunts and uncles is enough to get me out of my man cave and at your doorstep. Come outside  

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