Launching EEEBCF

Posted on March 12, 2018

Assignment "Develop a campaign to create awareness and patronage of a totally new event and concept" Campaign Showcase the essence of why people love to go to the beach - fun, food, beach balls and bathing suits. Client EEEmpire Events and Project Management Co. Design Bring the EEEmpire committee to life Use the grandeur of one of their limes to showcase the vibe to be expected at the event  Develop a fresh, fun, happy ...

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Building an EEEmpire (1 of 4)

Posted on December 24, 2017

You know, everyone is all so focused on building one of these nowadays. My journey started just about ten years ago; when I worked as a intern. My responsibility was to write articles about contemporary issues but I was more focused on how social media was empowering event promoters. A few months prior I made a Facebook event for a friend's treasure queen cruise with good results. I decided to pioneer this movement and ...

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The Three Ts of Committee Management

Posted on December 25, 2013

Managing a team of people is important to maximise your reach especially when your business requires individual attention. In many professions it is impossible for one individual to deal with multiple tasks simultaneously without involving a capable team. This by no means is meant to over ...

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