Posted on April 18, 2015

My name is Ken Sambury and I am from Trinidad and Tobago. A Twin Island country in the Caribbean.

Everyday I would hustle and bustle around and I’ve not gotten the time to absorb the sheer beauty all around me. Through my work as a cinematographer i’ve began to look at my country in a new light. I’ve decided to document these things I’ve seen in an infinite series and you are invited to enjoy the experiences with me.

The Waterfront

The Trinidad and Tobago Parliament Building from out at sea



The Trinidad and Tobago Waterfront.


The Twin Towers. Landmarks of a Nation.

The Flag

Fluttering in the wind, the Trinidad and Tobago national flag stands as one of the most recognizable landmarks along the Churchill Roosevelt Highway, located on the compound of Fireone Fireworks in Macoya. According to the company the flag, at 60ft by 40ft, is the largest national flag in the Caribbean.


In the gentle light of dawn, Tyrico Bay radiates with multiple shades of beautiful green. From the lush dark hues of the foliage on the North Coast hills to the crisp, cool waters gently rolling towards the shore – this is nature’s handiwork.

Macoya Mainroad

11:45pm A kaleidoscope of lights illuminate the night and provide a beautiful aerial view of the Eastern Main Road.

Magdalena Beach Resort.

Magdalena Beach Resort. Situated in lowlands Tobago the resort sits comfortably in between a gulf course and the Caribbean Sea. ‪#‎SWEETT‬

Port of Spain Skyline Trinidad

The Port of Spain skyline sets the scene for an evening at the National Academy for the Performing Arts.

NAPA Trinidad

We can’t decide if the National Academy for the Performing Arts looks more like a flower or an intergalactic spaceship. But we know from this viewpoint it certainly is awesome.


Yachting through the calm waters off Pigeon Point Beach Tobago on a Friday evening.

11145071_763782000403204_3322778239270106782_o (1)

Who can name this fishing village and savanna on a peninsula in Tobago?

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  • E Sambury
    December 10, 2015 (2:26 am)

    Surprise to see you name unusual

  • Reina Clarke
    February 4, 2017 (5:46 pm)

    Great job !!

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