Soka in Moka 2018

Posted on March 12, 2018


“Create new patronage for Soka in Moka.”


Connect the benefits of the fete and the grandeur of Soka in Moka.


Soka in Moka Foundation 


Developing a series of conversations with teachers of Trinity College Moka telling the story of how the fete benefits the lives of students. Sharing the information of the fete while building content for Soka in Moka promo in 2019. 

Key Strategies: Advertising Campaign, Documentary Filmmaking 


We developed videos for Instagram and Facebook; Managed the social media accounts of Soka In Moka and developed a following surrounding their fete and the surrounding benefits. 


150,000+ Impressions
Increased awareness of the Carnival Fete.
2 Teachers Interviewed and upgrades of the school’s infrastructure highlighted.
Fete sales continued without advertising any artiste or bands heavily as in previous years.

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