Sekon Sta is Soca!

Posted on December 3, 2013

Sekon Sta is making waves in the months leading up to the 2014 Carnival season. Sekon Sta who is known as ‘The SS” to those closest to him, has put in the foundation work in the past few years and set himself up for a successful Carnival.

Sekon Sta is no stranger to the entertainment world as he is also a popular MC at Slam 100.5. His greater calling however is as a singer and songwriter or as he so often says, “Sekon Sta is soca”.

Sekon Sta sang, “Stick it” for Carnival 2013 and received positive reviews from his fans. According to Sekon Sta “The fans began to respond to me after my Stick it Song. It was my first song was played on everzy urban station”. His journey as a songwriter has allowed him work with soca veterans such as Allison Hinds, Mr Dale and Kerwin Dubois. ” For 2014 he promises works performed by soca mainstays such as Nadia Batson, Mr Renzo, 5 Star Akil, Syo just to name a few.

Sekon hopes that Carnival 2014 will be his most successful year thus far. “After over ten years in the music industry, I feel that this year is my year” Sekon confidently explained. His determination is displayed in his ambitious plans to prepare for Carnival next year. Sekon Sta’s first Soca Song “Wine on the Truck” and accompanying Music Video have already been released! (see below).

Sekon Sta – Wine on the Truck Official Music Video from Ken Sambury on Vimeo.

Sekon Sta‘s soubriquet has a twofold meaning:

  1. God first and everything else second.
  2. He is the Son of the late great Calypsonian/Song Writer Merchant and thus the ‘second star’ of his family.

Photos by Kit Isreal


Adapted from an article which originally appeared in the Metro Newspapers. Written by Ken Sambury

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