Red and Ready

Posted on September 5, 2015

Highlights of An Election Campaign

Today I attempted to continue my Saturday, you know edit some videos, organise a lil b’day lime etc but I could not ignore the overwhelming presence of the PNM. This is by no way a political or paid announcement but from my observation, the East West Corridor is Red and Ready.

I first took special notice to their campaign when the video for Isasha’s hit single “Let’s do this” went viral on Facebook. The song was infectious and people seemed to share regardless of  their political affiliation. I was and still am of the opinion that the song should get regular airplay like a regular song. It is THAT good.

Many have said that Isasha’s career is now revived! Personally I’d like to hear some more from him in the coming weeks.

This refreshing music and these candidates with excellent PR skills conveyed a very different message to me as opposed to the messages from the ruling UNC party. The only time I would see Kamla’s ads were when I did NOT want to see them. I’d be in the middle of a serious meeting with a client and about to show them some of my work on YouTube and Kamla would start. I’d hover my mouse over “Skip Ad” counting down the seconds until I can move on to my video. That was highly annoying, I took to twitter to vent only to realise that probably all of twitter shared my sentiments. Advertising on YouTube was innovative I think, however the intensity of the campaign was too much for the general public. No one wanted anything shoved down their throats. Even if it tastes really good, we prefer to have the power of choice.

In my opinion, the PNM’s campaign made the onlooker or listener want to listen and find out more information. Most of the conversations were generated organically and many times unintentionally. Men and Women all over crooned over the looks and fitness of PNM’s Candidate for San Fernando West Faris Al Rawi and Caroni Sarah Alisa Budhu. After one look at their Candidate for Caroni, even you may want to consider moving to Caroni too.

kamla byeMeanwhile Google caught on to another trend suggesting “Bye Bye Kamla” when one types in “Bye” or “Bye Bye” and searches from a Trinidad and Tobago IP address.

This was most probably fuelled by the release of the song, “Bye Bye Kamla”.

What is interesting is that i’ve seen the UNC try Rowely defaming tactics and this has been met with cries that the UNC is desperate as this seemed to be in the forefront of their campaign. The aforementioned Ads over YouTube featured more of Dr Rowley than our Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar. I think what was different was the timing. The PNM timed their advertising better. Their advertising also seemed significantly less and less intrusive. I’d just mention that the UNC also ended up in everyone’s email inboxes. Lord alone knows where she got the email addresses of the entire country. Pretty innovative I think but poorly executed and used as a main strategy too much and too soon.

The Red fever has been driven by conversation which should teach us as marketers a lesson that a message can’t be forced. The PNM has won with an authentic voice that brings attention to what they have to offer. I can’t comment on the actual politicking and who can do a better job. However, I do hope that this can inspire a new era of advertising locally, where marketers look for more authentic voices and find the other Isashas and allow them to carry the torch for our local brands.

Enjoy some HIGH QUALITY images of the PNM Rally at Eddie Hart Savannah. I’d upload a video to vimeo tomorrow so you can check back for this! Feel free to add your thoughts etc in the comments below.










Last story for tonight:

So, I went to buy some food at Yvette’s and before I was served the cashier and attendant literally ran outside and twerked to the Pnm truck passing.

About the Author:

Ken Sambury is a Trinidadian Journalist, Digital Strategist and Event Planner. He loves telling stories and he has used social media and more recently video and photo to tell compelling stories. He is passionate about our culture, especially Carnival. Ken’s articles and pictures have been published by The Trinidad Guardian, The Trinidad Express ET&T Magazine and The Student Press among others. Ken also has several years experience working on social media strategy for local companies and political organisations. A highlight of this was spearheading the social media strategy for the now reigning Grenada NNP Labour Party.

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  • Colin
    September 5, 2015 (11:55 pm)

    Great pics !

  • ASalvary
    September 6, 2015 (9:21 pm)

    GOD… I wish I was there . I will be there in spirit. Lets vote a pray a change and a better country.

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