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Posted on May 16, 2016

Be Sexy(Intelligent), Opportunities look a lot like Hard Work and Believe

Those were the three points I repeated as I walked from classroom to classroom at Point Fortin Secondary School sharing my experiences. I was invited by the Atlantic Graduate Trainee Programme’s 2014-2016 Cohort to their Entrepreneurship Village.
Atlantic LNG at Point Fortin East (108 of 127)

I intended to have a set speech, but I ended up saying something totally different to each group, building on questions and responses. Honestly, It was a tad bit nerve wrecking at first.

After my initial 5 mins adjusting to the first group of students, with a few not paying attention I quickly focused my speaking on experiences I thought interesting and summarized them all with the above main points.

Atlantic LNG at Point Fortin East (103 of 127)

I couldn’t have survived that entire day by myself. I had the support of Karissa Narine of Define Studios who is responsible for all these pictures and the video. Also, I must thank Chandel Carrington from the Atlantic Graduate Trainee Programme. She went beyond being my host and gave me an excellent introduction before I entered each classroom, she kept me hydrated and brought Karissa and I lunch.
Atlantic LNG at Point Fortin East (3 of 26)

By the evening session, four classes in, I felt like a professional and I started with a bunch of questions. I asked students “What they did during Lunch?” Some told me of playing game and the others just socialized. I explained that in school I managed Hi5 Profiles and this was frowned upon by teachers but later in life I became a digital strategist.

Atlantic LNG at Point Fortin East (96 of 127)


The students didn’t hesitate to challenge me; in one classroom I asked the students what they wanted to be later in life. When they responded I told stories of my friends who followed similar career paths.

Atlantic LNG at Point Fortin East (114 of 127)

Overall my visit was exciting and rewarding for me and I think it was for the students as well!Atlantic LNG at Point Fortin East (10 of 26) 1

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  • Dr. Yvonne Bobb-Smith
    June 20, 2016 (2:29 pm)

    I am proud of you as I recall you as of my students COSTAATT, who leaned to critical thinking–haven’t forgotten your “Box Lunch” composition!!.
    You have created a privilege for yourself to become an entrepreneur with creative, intellectual and artistic skills.
    You are marvelous and inspirational, Ken!
    Keep it up

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