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Posted on March 12, 2014

IMG_2505 yI got involved in cinematography after a videographer over charged me for a simple video and delivered it after my event. I was so upset at the money and time lost I decided to attebut hend YouTube University and invest in editing and recording tools. In Mid 2012 I got my first “DSLR” camera and the rest is history.


Ken vs. Your regular Party Video Guy

  • I hold two degrees, one in Public Relations and Journalism and another in Mass Communications so I have a well trained eye for what will be good “PR” for a local and international audience. I’m also a few months away from completing a Masters Degree in Business Development and Innovation from the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business.
  • I am an event planner, hosting my own Carnival Parades, Club Parties, Beach Parties, Cooler Parties and so on. So I have a unique understanding of how events work and how to blend into the crowd and accentuate fun instead of annoying patrons or masqueraders. Some of the events i’ve hosted are listed here.
  • I am not alone. I work with a team of experienced cinematographers with different backgrounds so even if I am sick the job still gets done on time. You can see the pro. team I work with here.
  • I can also develop your concept. Your regular videographer may just give you a video, but I can provide this along with a strategy to maximise your return on investment. I’ve worked developing concepts for advertising and digital marketing for over five years with local and international companies including Red Bull, Ross Advertising, McCann Erickson Trinidad and the World Famous Zen.

Here is some of my work:

Welcome to the Carnival – Trinidad 2014 from Ken Sambury on Vimeo

JOuvert Morning in Trinidad with JAM Jouvert!

The Reverie After Movie – (Special Vimeo Version) from Triple E Fam on Vimeo.

This is a video of “#NAEBL” which is the largest FREE BEACH COOLER PARTY in Trinidad and Tobago.

Another video of #NAEBL 

This is a video of a ‘pre-NAEBL’ lime that I attended with some friends. Enjoy!

Jamborii Mas J’Ouvert 2013 – Preview of the Vibes from JAM Carnival on Vimeo.

This last one isn’t even a real party.. this was simulated to show vibes. lol. Co-Recorded\Directed by Andrei Pierre.

For my latest work check facebook page or Ken Sambury on YouTube and Vimeo.


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