Multitalented – Thoughts from Jamaica

Posted on April 10, 2018

Hosting events changes how you enjoy or experience an event forever. For me, it has developed an appreciation for the little things people put into planning their events – so much so that I became a fan of details.

An image of the first ever Barbahol. The crowd was overwhelming for a first time event. (click on the pic for more)

Charlie Blacks shouted Multi-talented in the start of his 2009 single, Rich this Year. Almost ten years ago, the anthem of my existence was sang by Charlie. I’m not exactly in a financial crisis as I am in an existential crisis.
Here I am, wanting to connect people – but beyond this I have a desire to develop elaborate plans and work tirelessly to grow them to reality. I want to imagine the future and create it.

Fascinated by Culture

Somewhere in between this I have a deep desire to capture and share cultures and how they interact with each other. I sometimes do that by shooting video of people in Carnivals. The natural, raw and unbridled environment within which a party exists allows for this cultural expression.

Cultural expression of a Bacchanal JA masquerader

Waist gyration, genna bouncing, palancing – whatever you call it, this is part of our culture. Beyond this, the existence of these dances within the framework of Carnival with its roots deep in the rebellion against slavery serve as a fitting context. Almost like a proof that no weapon formed against us as a people can prosper.

Carnival shouts to the rest of the world; “For all them who try to hold we down, tell them look at we now.”

Really I’d be happy quietly capturing moments and finding documentary storylines for every Jamaican Carnival narrative I notice. At the same time I’d be motivated if i’m able to add my ‘2 cents’ and participate in the planning and innovation of this Carnival narrative. Herein lies the conundrum. Nevertheless, head first I dived in, determined to capture as much as possible and build a solid foundation for a future of events. I do it for the culture.

One man is not an Island

Of course I ignored this completely. This phrase means nothing to me nor my subconscious. I carefully observed On The Rock, a Jamaican production company superbly capturing the movements on the road for Bacchanal JA. I noticed one guy flying a drone who was assisted by someone else and two maybe three other expertly equipped, gimbal welding cinematographers. I thought of the bits of my equipment that never left my suitcase and shuddered a bit. Undeterred I fought the sun and captured video like I was five people. Never taking a rest, drinking water, switching lenses and asking people to smile before the Dj could mix in a new Soca song. Whipping out my humungous Inspire 2 (Drone) at key moments determined to catch everything.
Meanwhile I really just wanted to meet all the Djs, designers and organizers. I wanted to understand, I wanted to connect.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t. You are probably right.

So is it that I’d be the perfect one man filmmaker and thus meet everyone – or what if I just meet everyone as they are right in front of me?

Pause & Focus

Everyday I wake up, I feel like I pick a profession out of a hat. Do I want to be an event planner today? Maybe seek a few meetings because we know inevitably I am going to have another event in Jamaica. (Had one already in UWI Campus Carnival in 2012)

Do I want to be a cinematographer and drop a bomb recap of mas & a couple aerials?

Xodus fulls the entire street with Masqueraders!

Do I want to pen a thought provoking article about how Trinidadians come to Jamaica Carnival to hear dancehall and Jamaicans come to Jamaica Carnival to hear soca? Why not all?

Is it possible to have too many talents?

A jack of all trades but a master of none. Or maybe they can compliment each other.
Well for Jamaica, on the day of Carnival I stopped. I stopped filming, I stopped everything. I paused and refocused. I realized that I had and always will have the power to stop – exactly like Doby.

As a free Elf I have the power. I maintain the control on what I’m a master of – Today I decided I’m a multitalented serial entrepreneur dedicated to develop the economy of my country and improve the lives of my friends. One step at a time.

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