Modern Marketing for the Modern Market

Posted on April 10, 2014

Many months ago my acquaintance approached me with this business plan to open a shop that sells frozen fish somewhere in Arima. At the time it was difficult to understand how feasible this proposition was, and furthermore it was even more difficult to see how I could have contributed to this undertaking.

This month however we are finally gearing up for an opening that promises to be a quantum leap for Arimians and everyone by extension on healthy fruit, vegetable and meat consumption.

We did the research

I needed a consultant. I needed an expert. So I tapped into a resource usually overlooked, I asked my mother. Yes, she has been to the market more than times than she can count but my mom interestingly was probably the best consultant for this type of business module. Mom worked for years as the head of Market Research in the Agricultural Development Bank and has a wealth of expertise in Marketing, Economics and Agriculture. Thanks to Mom we were able to tweak our idea\dream into a plausible market proposition.


We differentiated


So we are a bunch of university graduates selling fruits right? What do we know?
Well we know how to make the customer comfortable and we understood what mattered for the ‘busy’ consumer — which is probably everyone these days. People want to trust their buying source and get something quick, fast and easy. KC Foods will open with an operational Linx machine, WiFi and tonnes of informational charts and details next to the fruits you are about to purchase. As soon as we open expect everything healthy from the KC Foods Facebook and Twitter. In addition to this customers can shop in the comfort of air condition with no one shouting over you to pass the pachoi. Feel comfortable, Feel healthy. Come to KC Foods.

Our Vision

Granted, we are still operating primarily on savings so we don’t have 12 isles and an in house bakery and pharmacy as yet. However we see KC Foods opening as that place on the corner, on Beckles Lane and the Eastern Main Road to be specific. A place where you can check our friendly staff for advice on what’s healthy and leave with the ingredients for your next meal. In the future we plan to be the hub of that healthy lifestyle discussion as we will include YouTube websiodes that educate the public for free on how one can convert the food on the shelf to energy for their day!



Come Join the fun!

Oh no. We are not hugging all the glory at all. We need you.. and you.. and your family too to come and support us as we open and serve our initial offering of Fruits, Vegetables and Meats. We want your feedback on how we can tweak our business to perfection. So come on down, I will post on my twitter and Instagram when we are opening or you can subscribe for updates on 

Photo Credits: Jb Photography
Tuna w/ chopped Onion, Pimento, Hot Pepper and Celery.

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