Launching Nouvert

Posted on March 11, 2018


“We want to do a Jouvert Band. What do you think?”


Create and launch Trinidad’s first ever Jouvert on a Carnival Tuesday morning.


Kairi People


Innovating the concept of Jouvert and suggesting that Nouvert be done on Carnival Tuesday morning – targeting Jouvert loves and non mas players.

Developing an ongoing story around this, heralding Nouvert as the an advancement and innovation on Carnival as we know it. A crucial moment in history.

Key Strategies: Influencer Marketing, Concept Development, Ad Campaign Development


Our execution included the selection of models and ‘Jouvert’ photography to promote the Nouvert concept. All of this was pieced together in this trailer:

To bring Nouvert to the people, we supported our client with bringing their Friday night limes at their mas camp to life. To do this we centered the campaign on two influencers, a Kairi People director Sheppy and Whitney Husbands a popular personality.

Finally we sealed the continuity of Nouvert with capturing the vibe of the event day


  • 100,000+ Impressions on Social Media
  • Widespread awareness of Nouvert
  • Positioning Nouvert as the “New” Jouvert on Carnival Thursday
  • Capturing the essence of Nouvert before, during and after the parade making it easy for Kairi People to increase their numbers for the next year.

These patrons said it best:

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