Ken and His Grandma

Posted on June 8, 2014

In the last 15 years of her life, Marjorie Nurse was a mother to Ken. For seven years, Grandma lived at the Sambury residence where she cooked and helped Ken’s emotional and physical development. Grandma’s room was next to Ken’s and it was customary for Ken to pass through her room on his way outside, and Grandma always added her advice to Ken’s movements. Through her parables and stories, Ken learned wisdom, discernment, and a great understanding of cultural differences.

untitled-1974Grandma was instrumental in helping Ken through his trying teenage years and contributed to Ken’s first computer. This computer allowed Ken to develop an adept knowledge of Digital Marketing and Cinematography. Grandma also saved Ken’s life by offering him a place to live in her own home at a time when Ken needed it most. At this time, Ken had dropped out of university and survived doing whatever hustles available including selling CDs, Clarks and JanSport bags to whoever would buy. At Grandma’s house, Ken grew from a hustler into an entrepreneur. It was through using the computer that Ken bought with Grandma’s support that Ken was able to springboard into an event planner and land a Brand Manager position at Red Bull.

Grandma was 66 years older than Ken, and as such they had many differences. For instance, Ken lacked domestic skills — he was never a cleaner. In addition, Grandma did not understand Ken’s fast paced, stay up all night lifestyle. “Sleep is for the night” she would consistently say. However, despite these differences, they loved each other and developed a mother-son bond. Ken would be seen on evenings with his laptop sitting next to Grandma in the living room while Grandma watched the news. Grandma would comment and laugh about everything with Ken. Grandma was a companion, confidant, and mother to Ken.

Grandma helped Ken through his break-ups and exams; she cooked Pelau for his Beach Limes and even allowed him to play his music loudly during the day. Grandma taught Ken to plant and nurture things. In turn, Ken taught Grandma to use technology. Grandma would often use Ken’s Macbook or iPhone for Skype and FaceTime to speak to her relatives overseas. It was impossible to know Ken and not know his Grandma. When Ken’s friends visited, they were greeted with some a combination of a smile, a dry joke, and a hot plate of food.

Grandma was an amazing figure who assisted Ken when he needed it most through the formative years of his life.
Grandma saw Ken graduate, twice. She also saw his business grow into a self-sustaining entity. Ken will love his Grandma forever and treasure the times they had. Ken will be successful; for her. ☺

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