JOUVAY with Ken

Posted on February 13, 2014

Jouvert Morning. THAT MOMENT. That one time you can allow yourself to be released into the more prestine blend of bodies and paint. Imagine everyone revelling in a drunken stupor, but unlike regular Carnival we “doh watch face, only waist”. So no one did their make up to come here… no one is expecting to stay clean here. Just J’Ouvert. Just the official start of Carnival as we know it.ken did even better-37

Me? Well I’m Ken and I am a Jouvert Band Leader. It started in Campus Carnival but I’ve finished school sometime ago, so its time to move on to greater things. I can type the best explanation of how unforgettable your six hours of free premium drinks, with breakfast and gyrating waistlines could be.. I could delve into a deep description of the culture of Carnival unique to Trinidad that encourages not recklessness… but revelry. I would write about the freedom overtones that fleeting euphoria that flees from the masquerader as fast as the sun rises whipping them into an extreme frenzy hungry for water, paint and vibes. I could… but let me show you:

Now remember. This could be us.. but you got to register! Click for details.

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