Inside the SUITS SUMMER Cruise

Posted on July 21, 2016

SUITSUMMER16, hosted by ICE BOX Entertainment, left a lasting impression in the minds of the patrons who attended. Aboard the Harbour Master, one of the most epic cooler boat cruise for the year blessed the shores of the party isle of Trinidad and Tobago. Before pushing off to sea, patrons were treated to a number of finger food like sushi. Who has sushi on a boat cruise?! Icebox does. There was also doubles and geera. ICE BOX also gave new meaning to staying oxygenated with TrinbagO2, who added a different flare with their flavoured oxygen.

For the duration of the cruise, it was nothing but nonstop action and energy. Beautiful women came out in their numbers wearing every sexy swimsuit under the sun; truly a single’s man paradise. From start to finish, all of the DJs–especially the premier DJs such as Lord Hype and DJ Private Ryan–kept the party alive and the boat rocking ’til the end. Everywhere we turned, we got a full dose of partying like a Trini as every patron had their ICE BOX chilled cups filled to the brim with liquor as waistlines gyrating to the rhythm of the beat.

Stuart Rosales, the man behind SUITS, spoke with us about the genesis of the event, a brand which is just about four years old.


The Sold Out Cruise!


Bathing Suits and a Beautiful Sunset

“We saw a great opportunity in throwing something on Carnival Saturday since there was nothing to do between Blue Range and Scorch Saturday. We didn’t want to have anything with too much dress up, which is why we invited patrons to dress casually, in their swimsuits, hence the name.  After we got the logo made, the brand started to speak for itself.”

The success of SUITS didn’t happen by chance. Stuart and his team are behind not just Suits in the summer and during carnival but a number of major events around the world including Scorch and Ice and Scorch Duck Work, Skins, Drydocked in New York, in Miami, The Bahamas, Canada and England.

With the Harbour Master ram-packed from top deck to the bottom, SUITS was SOLD OUT. Patrons who made it on made every minute count while those who didn’t make it to initial boarding tried to board the boat by coming out into the ocean on a fishing boat. Our team will most definitely attend another SUITS, with a cooler check and batteries fully charged to capture the event from a videographer eyes, we are here to show you what partying with ICE BOX Entertainment is all about. SUITSSUMMER16 = EPIC SUCCESS.

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