Ignite St Lucia!

Posted on October 14, 2018

Working with Carnival Tribe is any Carnival practitioner’s dream. Peaking their interest with my popular Carnival video series, I turned a miscommunication with my accreditation into a chance to meet a few Tribe executives. Carnival 2018 was the most trying for me, as this year I started my first ever Carnival fete in the shortest Carnival season in years.

Landing in St Lucia, immediately the beauty of the landscape, mountainous regions and the beaches appealed to me. The people were also very friendly, giving me no trouble to import my drone and other camera equipment. I explored the island and captured b-roll for my first ever Tribe video.

Learning about and visiting the National Park at Gros Islet for the first time I saw first the set up of a Carnival Tribe fete. I admired the care Tribe took to import some suppliers to not compromise the quality on certain key event elements such as the screens and sound system. They even flew in a doubles vendor. At the same time they worked well with St Lucians, partnering with a radio station, The Wave. This instalment of IGNITE was an upgrade of an existing event that is a staple in St Lucia’s Carnival season.

On the night itself I arrived early and canvased the entire event, employing a variety of angles, lenses and techniques to capture a comprehensive video of the entire event. I missed no sponsor booth, nor did I miss any artist. Capturing the details of the event were very important to me, as it is always the details that differentiate one event from another.

At the end of the event, there was a blackout and coincidentally I lost control and sight of my drone thus my aerial images were lost forever. Undaunted I did my relevant research, learning who each artist was that crossed the stage and still pulled off an AfterMovie that told the story of IGNITE St Lucia.

With its two days of Carnival, the va val as Barrie Hype called it has grown on me. I also took the time to capture extra footage from the parade itself some of which you can see at the start of this AfterMovie. I’d be releasing a Carnival AfterMovie of St Lucia Carnival from my point of view soon. So stay tuned!

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