IACC Sports Day

Posted on January 3, 2014

Services provided:

  • Photography:
    Since we were also doing video, we were much more attentive than a regular photographer as we had to stay consistently in focus with the activities of the day. This ensured we never missed a moment.
  • Videography:
    The Video for this included interviews and clips of the excitement during the day.

We had so much fun this day, we even did a Harlem Shake!

This one was “on us”


Cadena Sports LogoAbout the client:
Cadena Sport provides specialist sport management services in the sport and recreation industry in Trinidad and Tobago whilst reinvesting in community development and providing support to the underprivileged.

Cadena Sport Management Services is the brainchild of Hillan Morean, who holds a Certificate in the Art and Science of Coaching for Gym and Fitness instructors, Bachelors degree in Sport Management and Economics and is currently pursuing a Master in Sport Management. Credits: Photo and Video by Ken Sambury and Kwesi Isi. Editing\Direction by Ken Sambury

Photo and Video: Ken Sambury and Kwesi Isi
Editing\Directing: Ken Sambury

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