House of Bacchanal at CPL t20

Posted on September 22, 2015

Khalil “Blues” Mohammed messaged on the day of the cricket finals:

“Hey Ken , blues here from house of bacchanal . You coming to the stand today ?”
I was already packing and preparing for my final of four days of shooting the vibes at TriniPosse. All of that didn’t matter, I call the best shooter I knew, Captain Plex and briefed him on the task at hand.

That day I had a killer support team. Helping me shoot video was the troublesome but hardworking Kwame Boatswaine, a native of Penal and twitter philosopher and Joel ‘Teddy’ Peters an easy going and talented photographer. Together we canvased the entire oval capturing the vibes at opposite ends.

HOB x CPL t20 new video! w branding 1

Just to get the entire team inside the overpacked Oval involved a bit of strategy and common sense. Even Chris Gale was stuck outside and could not get inside the Oval because fire offers said no one else is to be allowed inside with no exceptions.

Once inside Captain Plex and I made our way onto the grass in between the stands and the pitch and captured this moment in Trinidad’s history. Blues told me, “Ken once you are here, I know I am safe”. He then proceeded to provide refreshments for our team.
HOB x CPL t20 2





In the House of Bacchanal section it was heartening to see all creeds and races jumping, dancing, beating bottles and enjoying the game together. The atmosphere was propelled into a state of euphoria when it was clear Trinidad’s Red Steel was about to win. With each ball bowled in that final over the stands erupted in what was a beautiful collection of happy people everywhere.

As usual, we have the video evidence of this. See for yourself:

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