Fatima’s You are a Star

Posted on March 13, 2018


“Develop a story surrounding our fete and how it benefits the school”


Tell the story of the Fete and how it inspires the youth of Fatima.


Fatima Old Boys Association 

  • Interview key members of the Fatima community including the principal, teachers and students.
  • Blend these interviews with clips from Fatima 
  • Capture iconic scenes of Fatima’s architecture and innovative classrooms  
  • Refreshing the public’s memory of how amazing Fatima Fete was using Bunji’s freestyle, a key moment pushed viral by us in 2017.  

Key Strategies: Documentary Filmmaking, Social Media Crossposting

  • Shooting and editing 5 videos within 4 weeks with many changes. 
  • Blending these with archived footage from the previous year
  • Using Father Gregory, Fatima Principal and Jnr Thompson, Head of the FOBA Alumni Association 


  • 755 Shares / 80k views on the Bunji Garlin Freestyle 
  • Fresh Content for the FOBA Social Media
  • Loyal patrons of Fatima’s fete understood where their money went.
  • The faces of the people behind Fatima were publicized

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