Event review: Getaway at Salybia

Posted on May 20, 2016

We all party. But sometimes, it gets a little redundant, going to the same type of parties at the same venues.

The Prezedential Crew answered the call for a different party vibe at the end of April with their annual Getaway at Salybia Resort and Hotel. Don’t get us wrong. This wasn’t just a party at a hotel. Getaway invited guests for an opportunity to really get away from the city, to get away from the daily grind and spend three blissful days at a beautiful resort before an epic party finale. Three days of bliss at Salybia and a party to rounds it off? Yes, please.

The Prezedential Crew explained to us that the concept of Getaway was a simple one: treat patrons not just to a party but a mini vacation. Guests were privy to the resort’s amenities and activities including kayaking, mountain climbing, and hiking. After all the rest and relaxation, though, we were ready to grab our coolers and pump.

Ken’s thoughts

I’m always fascinated by destination parties. What influences a person to drive for two hours to turn up when they can just go somewhere closer?

“I think patrons nowadays demand more and they will pay or just go out of their way for more ambience. Personally I wished the event happened a little earlier, It would be beautiful to enjoy the sunset, sipping on your favorite drink and dancing the evening away. Maybe I am bias because i’d be able to shoot my video in the ‘golden hour’; nevertheless, day or night Salybia was beautiful.”

While some may say it started off a bit slow (the main event started at 6PM) we saw it as a slow burn. By 11PM, Getaway had reached new heights of hype and a fireworks display. Trevlyn and Lord Hype, Custodian International and Lurbz and Aswaad did their part to keep the event swinging until the end!

Our team had a pretty great time but there were a few reservations from a few patrons. While there was huge crowd against a backdrop of a beautiful hotel, beautiful people and, well, water, a few patrons had a couple hangups. While the ambiance and décor was great and vibes were on point, they felt as though there was little diversity in the music lineup between DJs.

Of course, nothing is perfect and there was always room for improvement, so we’re pretty sure Getaway to Salybia 2017 will be THE ultimate stay-to-get-away event of the year.


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