ERUP the Band shares their plan to dominate the road for Cropover

Posted on May 11, 2016

With Cropover fast approaching, you might wonder which band will give you the most value for money, especially in this rather recession-themed time we’re currently in. If that’s the case, you might want to take a look at ERUP the Band, the newest carnival band on the Cropover circuit.

ERUP the band presents: INVITICUS from Ken Sambury on Vimeo.

Speaking with Kyle McEachine, Assistant Manager of Operations for ERUP, we were able to get a candid sneak peek at what the band has to offer.
ERUP the Band is a new Barbados-based entity, managed by a committed team of young professionals who aim to give their masqueraders an ultra-premium experience on the road for Cropover. Their inaugural presentation, “INVICTUS: Journey to the Throne” debuted last Saturday at Belle Plantations in St. Michael’s and featured six exquisitely designed sections that truly represented royalty, pride, and even a little rebellion. “The theme,” said McEachine, “came out of the team’s desire to dominate the road. We’re hoping to gain road domination as an entity and as a band.”

2016-05-11 01_00_49 Although Barbados-based, the band was keen to nurture a number of mutually beneficial relationships, including those from our Trini shores. McEachine—who told us the vision behind the name (“Simple! We wanted to cause an explosion on the carnival scene.”)—indicated that the band was able to work alongside several costume designers, three of which are from Trinidad including David Dewar, Shawn Dhanraj (Fantasy, YUMA, TRIBE, The Lost Tribe) and Rawle Permanand (YUMA, Passion Carnival). New York team Stronjeh Creations, who has previously done work in Barbados, are also on board with a privately marketed section.
For McEachine, the band’s primary focus, aside from the gorgeous costumes, is on the masquerader’s road experience. Having played with bands in Trinidad and Barbados himself, he indicated that the unwavering focus on the masquerader and their experience was one thing that sets ERUP apart from other bands in Barbados.

“In my experience, there is a need to offer quality service, and I’ve been pushing for the team to offer top service for our masqueraders. From registration, to costume collection to the road, our band is aiming to a provide seamless service throughout.”

He added that some people are hesitant to emulate what has successfully worked for other bands.

“People need to understand that this has been done before and it’s okay to model yourself after another to ensure your masqueraders get the best experience. We are offering our masqueraders a quality, personalized premium experience that is unmatched by any other.”

erup the band ken sambury cropover 2016-1-2

Do not underestimate ERUP in the slightest. Although new, they’ve already amassed a wide reach across the region, with registration through brand ambassadors currently underway in Guadeloupe, Martinique and Trinidad and Tobago.

While he couldn’t give away all the enticing goodies all at once (trust us, we tried!) McEachine did hint at live, on-the-road performances from some of the top soca artistes, some coming out of Trinidad itself.

If you want to dominate the road with ERUP the Band this Cropover, we recommend that you visit their website and social media for more information.

Erup The Band…  Ready for ‘Road Domination!’

Instagram: @ErupTheBand


Photos taken by Ikenna Douglas

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