Creating Carnival – Part 1

Posted on December 30, 2013

Everything seems to be happening now and it isn’t even 2014 yet. This carnival season is extra long but that is definitely no reason for complacency.

Stefan looks at the camera with a smirk before he acts in a how to video for Jamborii Mas 2013.

Stefan ready to act in a “how to register” video for Jamborii Mas 2013.

This Sunday I went back and forth toying with ideas trying to find that perfect symbol to encompass the absolute best logo design ever. Although I created the “Jamborii Mas” logo all by myself I still employed the services of award winning designer Chris Russell. Chris sent me a total of eight designs before he and I sorta settled on what we wanted.

I remember back in 2012 I wanted to rebrand Jamborii Mas because another “Jamboree” existed and people would often call me for “Jamboree” tickets. I never acted on these feelings because the name Jamborii stuck and we simply rolled with it. Today, however we feel that it is finally time for us to create that grown up version of our Carnival Production Company.

Lori and I caught in a JAM

Lori Ferdinand was entrusted with the title of ‘interim band leader’ which allowed me to focus on moving mountains to make Vintage possible. Lori’s ernest efforts culminated in a two hour brainstorm session which eventually turned into a sleepover with lots of asking for feedback, googling and day dreaming. Somewhere there… in between sleep and wake I came up with JAM. Close enough to allow us to smoothly direct our following elsewhere but different enough to be a brand new Carnival Production Company.

I rushed to tell Lori and Dionique (JAM costume designer) the ideas and with a little explanation of the limitless possibilities they were both sold. We also passed the “Shelana Test” . (Ask Shelana if she likes it and if she doesn’t comment negatively you probably have the best idea ever.) All those concepts and ideas squeezed into a tight time frame gave us this JAM. Ie. We decided to call our business: “JAM Carnival”.

Barely out of our JAM, the long arduous and sometimes emotional process of rebranding commenced. Still in progress; thus far I’ve been able to successfully set up the ‘JAM’ Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo and Facebook Page. (be sure to follow below). 

JAM Jouvert. Soon. from JAM Carnival on Vimeo.

Credits for the pictures in the slider:

Photo 1 – Chanice dances for the camera for the 2013 Pre Jouvert Shoot.
Model – Chanice Abraham
Photographer – Ikenna Douglas
Sponsored by: Red Bull Energy Drink

Photo 2 – Stefan holds a mock-up JAM receipt
Actor – Stefan Guevara
Everything Else – Ken Sambury

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