Conquering Keate

Posted on December 21, 2013

Its the Friday before Sunday.
Rather its one day away from that one fleeting moment in time when all the hours of preparation and promotion  bear fruit.

Stefan Guevara hanging from the Keate Street Street Sign.

Keate Street is the Street that the World Famous Zen Nightclub is built on. It is in this Night Club that Ken Sambury and his ‘EEEmpire” intend to host a brand new signature event dubbed “Vintage”


The unorthodox proposition.

For starters the entire battle started with about 30 soldiers\friends\committee members against just about all the odds imaginable. Continuing our trend of Sunday\Off Day parties Vintage was planned on December 22nd the Sunday right before Christmas. Johnny Soong, Owner of Zen Nightclub, seemed adamant that the date would be perfect. It was as though his 6th sense kicked in; “Christmas is the New Carnival”.  Apart from this we were pushing the envelope for the umpteenth time by attempting to have a LIVE band in a primarily wine & jam party. In keeping with the theme, the event is carded to start at 4pm and end at midnight. That is a phenomenal eight hours of partying. Most people reading this have never been to a club during the day in their life. Yet here is Ken attempting to break the mould. Stefan girl asked if Vintage will be a “bazaar”.


What about Competition?

Thing is, I don’t believe in competition per say. I prefer not put my event on another’s date\time as I have this philosophy that all promoters can live in peace and harmony. I usually draw reference to insomnia; 11,000 people and still it doesn’t bother whatever Zen and TriniPossie does on the same night. OK, maybe my team is a few light years away from becoming Island People or Zen but we know what we are doing. Furthermore, I know what I am doing.

I believe in:

Have a worthy event and people in general will see and respond.

Regardless of the date\time\place\people\thing. Well thats it in theory… lets see how it works in practice. Bring on SUNDAY!

conq keate

Above. Stefan and I contemplate movements the Friday before Vintage.

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