Come TT

Posted on March 13, 2018


Use clips of Ceasar’s Army’s events and create a video campaign for Come TT’s social media pages.


Invite people to Trinidad and Tobago by blending Ceasar’s Army’s vibes with the fun and excitement of playing Mas in Trinidad.


Kim Kirton The Communications Architect / Ministry of Tourism

  • Capture the story of a masquerader from distribution to playing mas or Jouvert with CA
  • Blend this with existing footage of a masquerader’s experience playing Trinidad Carnival
  • Building motion / titles using Carnival in three Islands

Key Strategies: Guerilla Filmmaking, Repurposing Carnival Content

  • Photography and Videography in Barbados
  • High Quality Stock footage from Trinidad Carnival inclusive of aerials
  • Meeting in person to understand the direction clearly
  • 10+ iterations of the same edits ensuring the client was satisfied at the end



  • Client equipped with the tools to start the “come trinbago” pages
  • 200+ . Likes on Instagram
  • More people interested in Trinidad Carnival

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