Cloud 9!

Posted on January 14, 2015

Last night I travelled to the southland to shoot a dance music video with Kinesha Charleau. Kinesha is a  very talented dance choreographer (based on this other video we did with her) and we couldn’t wait to execute this new project!

At sky view lounge, Kinesha hosted a private party where everyone wore white and danced the night away. Oh and it was her Birthday!!! (Happy Bday Kinesha <3) The highlight of course was her choreography which I have the privilege of piecing together into a visual masterpiece. I borrowed Define Studios’ Karissa Narine, a young filmmaker who shares most of my values for production quality and execution. Together Karissa and I recorded a collection of videos and clips which I’d be cooking up this week. I’d update this blog post with screen shots of my progress as I begin!

Who said there isn’t enough local dance?

Ken and Karissa pose after a quick night of shooting!Kinesha Charleau Dance Pics (24 of 28)
K squared and Kinesha’s talented dancers!
Kinesha Charleau Dance Pics (15 of 28)

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