What is J’Ouvert Morning?

Posted on March 6, 2014

Firstly, it is pronounced "Jou-Vay" and it is a large street party that occurs from 4am till 9am in many Caribbean islands as part of that island's Carnival celebrations. In the Caribbean, Trinidad has the largest and most recognised Carnival and thus the largest Jouvert parade. What has allowed Trinidad Jouvert to spiral into a national festivity is that it has been a facility for expression and entrepreneurship. Revelers (men and ...

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How to Choose a Date for your Party

Posted on December 26, 2013

Its Boxing day. Today is the day i'ma choose the dates for the EEEmpire and JAM Carnival productions. This process is very heartening  for the most part as our brand improves and becomes more recognised a good date simply accentuates the following that we already have. No matter how large our events get, I still consider and try my best to avoid other promoter's dates. While this is impossible to do with everyone, I avoid those whose target ...

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Girls Dance at JM 2012

The Three Ts of Committee Management

Posted on December 25, 2013

Managing a team of people is important to maximise your reach especially when your business requires individual attention. In many professions it is impossible for one individual to deal with multiple tasks simultaneously without involving a capable team. This by no means is meant to over ...

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Concept vs. Theme

Posted on December 2, 2013

Yes there is a difference! I think no event should go on without both. Granted we all have room for improvement but we owe it to our attendees, ourself and to the preservation of Trinidad and Tobago culture to fuse these two elements into our event plans. Maybe people just want to wine and jam or maybe it seems like this all  people want because this is all we event planners give them. Three years ago I attended an event at La Hoya poolside ...

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