Dangerous Discounts

Posted on October 3, 2017

About three years ago I started this website, as a place to house my talents and share them with the world.  For the majority of these years I've been in pursuit of a master's degree determined to learn and earn for myself and everyone around me. I've been haunted with business ideas ever since. I've spent most of my life understanding that what others interpret as 'weird' is the catalyst for an uncanny ability to generate complex ...

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Pioneer Your Passion

Posted on May 16, 2016

Be Sexy(Intelligent), Opportunities look a lot like Hard Work and Believe Those were the three points I repeated as I walked from classroom to classroom at Point Fortin Secondary School sharing my experiences. I was invited by the Atlantic Graduate Trainee Programme's 2014-2016 Cohort to their Entrepreneurship Village. I intended to have a set speech, but I ended up saying something totally different to each group, building on questions ...

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Discrimination vs. Target Marketing

Posted on December 19, 2015

The Facts: Last week Friday, Shannon Gomes was denied entry into Aria Lounge, a popular local nightclub. Shannon Gomes claimed that she cannot be denied based on "bigotry, prejudice or intolerance. Many people agreed and last night a protest was staged outside Aria. One protester stated that the "larger issue is the policing of women's bodies" (see video to the bottom of this article) I've recognised that many people who are ...

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Red and Ready

Posted on September 5, 2015

Highlights of An Election Campaign Today I attempted to continue my Saturday, you know edit some videos, organise a lil b'day lime etc but I could not ignore the overwhelming presence of the PNM. This is by no way a political or paid announcement but from my observation, the East West Corridor is Red and Ready. I first took special notice to their campaign when the video for Isasha's hit single "Let's do this" went viral on Facebook. The ...

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