Capturing Crop Over – 2016

Posted on July 25, 2016

Crop Over is right around the corner and the team is amped up to head across to Barbados to be a part of the action.

It isn’t the team’s first time in Bim, but this year we anticipate it to be bigger and better than ever before. For one, we’ve teamed up with our good friend Candace and the Candy Coated crew to shoot for her two annual events, Candy Coated Cruise and Candy Coated Beach.

Of course, we intend to capture all of what Crop Over has to offer. As Carnival enthusiasts, we want to do more than just shoot video. We want to meet people and connect; capture the moment, experience and immerse ourselves in the culture. Our Trinidad Carnival 2016 experience is testament to that. Don’t believe us? Just watch.

Ken himself has expressed his love for capturing carnival across the region. “As someone who is passionate about the festival, I feel like we have a part to play in the development of Carnival across the islands. It really boils down to being an advocate for culture and carnival.”

You know Ken but you should also get to know the rest of the Crop Over team:

Kyron Joseph

Kyron has his degree in Digital Media Production and master in Mass Media and Communication. Kyron really wants to get a taste of the Bajan atmosphere. He looks forward to seeing how similar Crop Over is to Trini carnival or if it has its own personal flavour.

Kyron in action!

Kyron in action!


Ken and Shaneece pose in Soca Brainwash TT

Shaneece Patrick

As a photographer for about five years, Shaneece has frequented Barbados but this is her first Crop Over. In addition to getting amazing shots of the festival, Shaneece expects non-stop vibes, little to no sleep and a great time with the team. For Shaneece, Barbados has to come to be her second home, one she loves because of the preservation of history and culture, the people, beaches, and her personal favourite food: fish cakes.  

Christie Modeste

Christie is an attorney by day and a visual artist by night. Christie has been a fan of Ken’s work for some time and decided to follow the team on their Crop Over adventure. Like Shaneece, this is Christie’s first time experiencing the festival and she anticipates Crop Over to be like Trini carnival but with a Bajan vibe. designed costumes for Trinidad Carnival 2016 designed costumes for Trinidad Carnival 2016

Darryl Sky

As the team’s booking agent and manager for Jugglers International, Darryl will serve as liaison for Foreday and Kadooment teams.  He hopes to elevate the Ken Sambury brand regionally. In between all the pace, Darryl plans on pumping just as hard as everyone else on the road.

Also we’re producing an AfterMovie of Barbados Carnival, we definitely want to make sure your band is featured. If you want us to come along with you for the ride, send us an invite by contacting Darryl Sky at 681-2409. 

Crop Over, we coming!

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Ceasar’s Army AM Beach!

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