Candy Coated LOVE

Posted on March 12, 2018


“I believe I’m here to share LOVE through Carnival. Help me showcase this.”


Add visuals to develop the story of Candy Coated’s as it unfolds on to Carnival 2018. 


Candy Coated Events 


Developing a robust series of video promos for 2018, then adjusting this to adopt use of existing footage and a Candy Coated lime as the main tools of video marketing. 

Key Strategies: Quick Adjustment, Guerrilla Filmmaking


We developed two video ads for Instagram and Facebook, with colorful excerpts added for insta stories. We also captured 5 events back to back between Trinidad & Tobago.


100,000+ Impressions on Social Media
Attendees and non attendees alike felt the LOVE from Candy Coated.
Introducing the public to the 2018 Candy Coated committee.
Capturing each event from start to finish for storytelling in the Candy Coated 2019 season. 

Candy Coated LOVE from Ken Sambury on Vimeo.

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