Beyond Words

Posted on September 16, 2014

“God doesn’t give you a vision without the provision!” In this case, God and maybe some good fortune has influenced Kinesha to obtain Ken’s services for her first Dance Choreography video.

Beyond Words Dance-79Choreography x Cinematography

The challenge was telling a story of passion, love and despair within the rhythm of A Great Big World’s hit song ‘Say Something’. This video is guaranteed to give you the feels. ‘Jono’ said via instagram “Ken you stop this please and thanks. 🙁 heart still not good” after seeing the video in early July. You are invited to see the final product at the Coco Dance Festival at Queens Hall. See details below and it is still $100.00 on the night at Queens Hall Box Office. “Beyond Words” shows ONLY on Friday and Sunday Night.

Coco Dance Festival Trinidad 2014 Flyer

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