Another Episode

Posted on February 19, 2014

It is like living in the favelas and hoping everyday to get out.
I’m determined to contribute as much as I can so that Sekon Sta’s talent could “get out”. In the process I plan to practice my own cinematography skills and I may end up getting “out”. Lets see how this goes.

Regardless, here is another episode.

Scene 1:

A Photoshoot Sekon Sta had with Kit his producer who doubles as a photographer. Sekon Sta definitely could pass for a skinny LL Cool J on camera with his rapid lip licking techniques.

Scene 2:

Destra’s B’day Bash. I wasn’t there, but enough people were to ensure that the world knew that Destra is a well loved artiste.

Scene 3:

Sekon Sta singing up a storm to audiences that gazed at him, then at the chicken.. then at him again.

Scene 4:

Sekon Sta expressing himself. I’d never forget that line “Well, I tried playing football but I will never become a footballer .. so music is my calling”.

Road to Carnival 2014 with Sekon Sta – Episode 2 from Ken Sambury on Vimeo.

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