A Visit to Brasso Seco

Posted on March 2, 2015

Inspired by a conversation with an international photographer, I decided to search for some attractions native to Trinidad and Tobago and document my journey to discovery.

The hike was guided by fitness instructors from R4 Fitness who started with a prayer and an overview of all the things a novice hiker, like myself, needed to know. “Put your phone in a plastic bag” “Spray on Repellent” “Walk with water and a change of clothes” “Do not lag behind”

Paria Falls no wm (1 of 1)

Some members of the the R4 Fitness Club before leaving for the Hike

The majority of the ‘hike’ was a walk along the Madamas road, a long winding road that went from pitch, to dirt, to mud and dirt until we forgot it was ever a road.

Paria Falls no wm (1 of 3)

Selfie time for Chantal and Try to get service time for Me.

Eventually we encountered a river and the end of the road. A short climb up and down the a mountain revealed one of the most beautiful places I have laid eyes on. The entire area seemed untouched by mankind, full of green with the sun fighting to get through the trees above. (click here to view full photo gallery)

Ambitiously I decided to fly my drone up above for a better view. That single flight was probably my most dangerous flight ever as I would often lose sight of the drone, there was no GPS connectivity, the breeze was unpredictable and the trees presented a military grade obstacle course. With the help of Antonio Moore, Lori Ferdinand and my adventure sidekick Jeanne I successfully shot this picture:

The water in the pool below the waterfall was extremely cold but refreshing. The scariest thing was two mins of drizzle that made me wonder how we would survive the 2.5 hour walk if heavy rain fell. After all we were in a RAIN forest. Notes to self: ‘pack water, lots of food and a raincoat’. We made it through even though I had on my Clarks and Lori was dressed to go to the mall with a handbag (click here for a pic of our outfit). Overall the hike was something I would do again, definitely with a crew though.

The second highlight of our day was witnessing the demise of Kermit the Frog at the hands of the Brasso Seco snake. Captured below by Lori:

I have about 5mins of this battle. #FrogvsSnake

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Read more about Double River Waterfall on the Brasso Seco Paria Website.  (click here)

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