A Market on Instagram?

Posted on September 16, 2014

Imagine a Market with wifi. A place you can use your bank card and pay a standard price. No vendors shouting at you, no more strange unexplainable smells. Imagine being told the health benefits of the food by an always cheerful cashier.

KC Foods delivers this dream of a better shopping environment to the Town of Arima and environs. Launched by a University of the West Indies graduate Trevyn Devonish, KC Foods has already started with a high turnover of fruits and vegetables. Apart from just supporting youth entrepreneurship, my role in this promising startup has been connecting the owner with the right suppliers for all marketing and branding supplies.

luau pre west palm kwesi-1Today I am responsible for the KC Foods Social Media, and I am proud to be the guy behind the first market in Trinidad and Tobago to join Instagram. I intend to be giving your timeline a break from Kermit the Frog and the Shmoney dance and reminding all that health is wealth. Look out for updates on KC Foods Instagram, Twitter and Facebook about discounts, what’s fresh in stock, free sample days, health tips and ideas on how you can transform KC Foods products into meals.

Follow KC Foods on Twitter and Instagram: @KCFoodsTT

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