Inside Opportunities

Posted on March 31, 2020

Creating Viking Ding Dong's first Music Video in 18 Hours the day before Lockdown. Last week I reminded myself and whoever interested that opportunities abound, especially in times of crisis. The ways to address these involved a combination of reaching out to other people and adjusting what one would usually do. Month End. Bills Due. After I shared my video in a what's app group, Anson Pro (Nailah Blackman's manager) buzzed, commen...

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7 things to do to make Money while Social Distancing

Posted on March 26, 2020

So, we are 10+ days into quarantine. Yes, we are not alone. The fact is - ALL of us entrepreneurs, freelancers and the self employed will experience varying levels of difficulty due to the disruption on our day to day lifestyle. Scrolling through social media I've seen lamentations and my colleagues openly wondering "wha we go do"? My lil small business suffering allyuh😩😭— jinz. (@jinelle_tinto) March 25, 2020 I am here ...

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